Women are leading social changes but are still a long way to achieving #genderequity


What would the world look like if women were ruling the media? Likely a less divided society. We use empathy as a tool of resistance to amplify women and their global impact, supporting an inclusive society and a healthier media ecosystem. 

What Our Community Says


What if women ruled the media?

Through women’s podcasts, information, education and community connections, Be Your Change Media participates in bringing balance to this situation.


Women own less than 7.6% of broadcast and TV networks in the U.S, and 15 (white) male billionaires own the news networks. Women’s Media Center


Only 10% of podcasts on the Top 200 Apple Podcast Chart are produced by women. Bello Collective


Women media moguls focus on positive messages (think Oprah, Arianna’s Huffington – Thrive, and Michelle Obama).


Women tend to reinvest 90% of their revenue in their community. Investing in women helps build a strong and resilient community and is key to changing the world. – Forbes

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