Do you want to make your podcast sounds better? Learn audio editing software skills. There are many options to consider. It all depends on your goal.

  1. Audacity (free)
  2. Pro Tools
  3. Adobe Audition
  4. iZotope RX7
  5. Reaper
  6. Hindenburg
  7. Descript (editing from text)

1. Audacity: the best free audio editing software [free]

Audacity is a good option for beginners. It is a good way to practice editing and get a feel for DAW (digital audio workstation). Download here

2. Pro Tools: Industry standard

Pro-Tools is a powerful DAW that is used across many industries, radio, music and podcasting. If you are thinking of making a career out of producing podcasts, Pro Tools will be definitely a plus on your resume. Pro Tools is a subscription-based software starting at $29.99 per month if you buy the yearly package.

3. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is part of the Creative Cloud Suite along with Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and more. It is on par with Pro-Tools and many companies are now using Audition for their editing and mastering process. We definitely like the clean design of the software. Adobe Audition is a subscription-based software that starts at $20.99 per month (cheaper if you are a student or a teacher).

4.iZotope RX 7

iZotope software is definitely for advanced users and people who are getting hands-on audio. It is a powerful tool to remove noise, restore audio and work with dialogue. iZotope entry price starts at $999. Watch for their big annual sales to get a better price.


Reaper is another heavyweight audio editing software product. It has an attractive price starting at$59. No subscription-based.

6.Hindenburg: an audio storyteller editing software

Hindenburg is a software for audio storytellers. The software is taught in school and other academics environments. Hindenburg has been making progress in the audio editing software market. Hinbenburg is a one-off cost acquisition versus monthly payment costs with other DAW. It starts at $59.


Descript is a slightly different type of editing software. You can edit audio (and video) by editing text. You can drag and drop to add music and sound effects. It makes it easier to navigate through your audio as you can read it. Free trial and then starts at $12 . It’s definitely