/ Our Vision

We believe we have the power to create a conscious world where everyone thrives and where we take care of our planet. We empower people to build a sustainable, healthy, eco-friendly, supportive world, where success means we live an abundant life in harmony with our family, friends and values. 

/ Our Mission

Support, develop and promote podcasts that educate, empower and inspire people to create positive change by learning how to consume less and better, use empathy as a tool of resistance, and take actions small or big that have a social impact in the world. 

Our Story

It all started with the need to get involved and make a difference. Aligning my interests – in people’s stories, love for travels, obsession for arts and crafts; passion for diversity and inclusion and women’s communities_ with my values, made me realized I could not focus only on one issue, so I decided to talk about them all in one place! And Be Your Change was born.  ~Juliette Roy  

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