Be Your Change Podcast highlights women changemakers’ voices who have a social impact within their community.

The show discusses global issues with a solution-oriented approach and provide insights on how we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Juliette talks to social entrepreneurs, non-profit and community leaders, artists and media entrepreneurs who aim to build a more sustainable and inclusive society.

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Episode 13: How AKS is Promoting Gender Equality in Pakistan

Show Notes In our world of consumerism and instant gratification, it’s no wonder most of us forget to consider the original source of the product itself. For generations, society has been telling us that all that matters are the assets you have, but with a wave of...

Episode 12: How to Empower Social Entrepreneurs

Listen to "The Raising Economy Of Social Entrepreneurship With Neetal Parekh, Founder Of Innov8social" on Spreaker. Show Notes American millennials are now representing the largest portion of the US workforce with 53.5 million workers. That is more than one-third of...

Episode 11: How Social Entrepreneurship is Defining New Paths for Women

Show Notes In this day in age, transparency is everything. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, people seem to be more socially conscious and interested in knowing where their products are manufactured. I have come to find that the world of investing is no...

Supporting Women in Fair Trade

February 24th is the beginning of Fair Trade Fortnight, an annual promotional campaign that happens once a year and is organized and funded by the Fairtrade Foundation. These two weeks are meant to increase awareness of Fairtrade products, and the companies selling...

Episode 10: How Fair Trade Empower Women To Be In Charge

Show Notes What does Fair Trade have to do with Women? We know that 70% of people living in poverty are women.  We know that women and girls counts for 71% of human trafficking and we know that we know that Women reinvest up to 90 percent of income in their families...

Episode 9: How Lubiana Found her Voice Through Music

Show Notes Did you know that less than 5% of the world's sounds are produced by women? Terri Winston, the executive director of Women’s Audio mission explains that this means whenever you watch a favorite TV show, tune in to the radio,  or listen to music, there is a...

Inspiring & Good!!
★★★★★  from Mario 4/22/2019

I’ve checked out a few episodes of this podcast and it was an inspiring one to listen to. It opens up your eyes a lot of the ongoing social challenges..and it’s always good to see more movement about women’s empowerment too. Recommended!

What a gorgeous and inspiring show!!
★★★★★  from Austria 10/22/2019

i’m in love!! this podcast is exactly what i’ve been looking for and what i missed when i first started my own podcast. so happy to hear from all these inspiring female changemakers. amazing guests,a wonderful host and so much food for thought for my own journey. such a well produced and curated show, goes right on top of my list!!


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