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Out of the Box Collective is a Los Angeles farm-to-home grocery delivery service since 2010 and were one of the first companies nationally to specialize in sourcing local foods from not just farmers, but ranchers, fishermen, bee-keepers, artisans, vintners and more.


SKIN CARE: Giselebylamissapple, A beautiful, natural alternative to chemical enhanced cosmetics. Some of her must-have skincare products are the shampoo bar, the coconut hair mask.

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We bring awareness to social issues to create a better world. We tell positive stories of social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and community changemakers.

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It’s Time to Fill Good! was born when Stéphanie Regni took a class about recycling in San Francisco. She was struck to learn how much plastic we throw away everyday. A portion of it is not recyclable and will stay in landfills for thousands of year. On the other end, recycling is...

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