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American millennials are now representing the largest portion of the US workforce with 53.5 million workers. That is more than one-third of the entire workforce in the US. In a recent study published by The Society for Human Resource Management, they reported, “94 percent of millennials want to use their skills to benefit a cause and 57 percent wish that there were more company-wide service days.” This means that young people are investing their lives in purpose and the trend is only continuing to rise. 

This new trend has evolved into its own ecosystem and is bringing with it a new wave of entrepreneurs who are socially minded and impact-focused. We are starting to see a world rebuilt by people who are committed to aligning their work with their passion.

My guest this week, Neetal Parekh is one of those people. Besides being an expert in the field of social entrepreneurship, Neetal is also the founder and CEO of Innov8social whose mission is to help social entrepreneurs to reach their potential impact. She sat down with me to shed light on this fast-growing ecosystem and how it is impacting our communities.

Juliette Roy, Neetal Parekh @shepodcastslive thanks to @podbean to offer a space to record our interview!

What You’ll Learn

How can social entrepreneurs find investors and when is the right time? In this episode, my guest Neetal Parekh is here to teach us how to get involved in this growing community and how this booming network of entrepreneurs is helping to build a better future. Learn more about the social impact community and how to get involved. 

The Best Quotes Of The Show

The community is probably the most important thing is that if you can kind of stay connected that is where your next co-founder might come from or your investor or your next client.

And one of the areas of focus now is also mapping out the issue deeply so rather than trying to rush to a solution.

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