The first time I met Valer Clark was thee years ago, when I was invited to attend an event at the El Coronado ranch in Sonora, Mexico. After crossing the border, we drove for a couple of hours arriving late afternoon. Leaving our car near a small house, we jumped in the back of a pickup truck. I sat on the top of my bags.  As we drove for what seemed to be hours at the time, looking up at the stars, surrounded by nature. I thought to myself what a truly special place this is. Waking up the next day, I knew this place was not like any other I had been to before. Our camp was near a beautiful hot spring, build in the rock. This little piece of paradise was magical. I thought I had traveled to many places, but I have never seen anything like this one. Later that day, I  briefly met Valer Clark. She arrived riding her horse, of course. She told me she spoke a bit of French, but even before that, I knew I wanted to tell her story. I am currently working on producing an audio documentary about her.
 Photo Credit: Thanks to Bill Steen Landscape and Pascal Halim

Thanks to our audio engineer, Samantha Gattsek and editor, Noam Gad Weiser

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