Women play a critical role in improving communities but are traditionally underrepresented in the media landscape

Women are keys to end poverty, to gain equity, to achieve a balanced economic power and a sustainable planet.

We are inspired by the women around us who are changing their world and choose to make a difference because they can not stand the status quo. There is no other choice. 

Changing the media narrative

Let’s focus on the solutions and the positive impact to transform our world and they are all interconnected. We support, produce and promote podcasts and content that educate, empower and inspire people to create positive change by learning how to consume less and better, use empathy as a tool of resistance, and take actions small or big that have a social impact in the world.

We promote
Women Changemakers who are building a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world.
Women who participate in addressing the global challenges we face to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals. Our focus is on poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and gender equity. 
We train
women to make their impact heard. Many women are in the trenches every day making incredible change but are not in the spotlight. Many women still experience the impostor syndrome when it comes to promoting themselves.
women to produce, launch and promote their podcast and their media platform. Sure, we are making progress but women are still largely underrepresented in the media, in the music industry, in podcasting, in film, in politics. 
We connect

When we invest in women, promote their work and connect them their impact is usually far greater. they are at the forefront of leading changes and lifting others out of poverty. 

Still women get less fundings, less bank loans, own less lands, don’t have access to the same opportunity for education and overall lack mentorship. 

Our Services

Producing Podcast For Meaningful Brands

Produce Podcasts For Meaningful Brands

Our team of podcast gurus combines expert business, marketing, branding and production skills with radio producers to craft a meaningful podcast that connects and engages your brand with your audience.

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Educate women changemakers to amplify their voices & impact

We support women to launch and develop their impact podcast through the organization of uniquely intimate podcasting retreats in spectacular location or at your company.

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Educating Changemakers To Podcasts
Amplifying Stories Of Female Changemakers

Amplify the stories of female change makers

We educate about the under-representation of women in media, share the impact of female change-makers who are building a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive world and tackling social issues by participating, curating and moderating panels & events for women to share their impact. Listen to Be Your Change podcast to discover an incredible global and diverse community.

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Connect women to resources to advance their mission

We are building an incredible community of women changemakers worldwide, if you are interested in joining our network, please reach out to become a member. Your membership enables us to offer scholarship to women to take part in our executive podcast training.

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Connecting Women To Resources
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Our Values & Commitment

We have a deep involvement in Fair Trade principles and an active participation in Fair Trade Los Angeles Community. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion in the media, music and podcasting with our involvement in Women’s Audio Mission. 

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