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Female Change Makers Who Are Taking Action Towards A More Equitable And Sustainable World.

Why we are different

We always are on the lookout for women who might be not in the spotlight yet. We want to be part of their journey by helping them spreading the word about their work. Our cultural background provides a unique take on upcoming trends and movement to create the world we want to live. A lot of our guests are from California but for this new season we are inviting guests from all around the world.

about the host & producer


Based in Los Angeles, Juliette Roy is a French-American advocate for the power of stories to create positive change. She has been working in audio for over 15 years. She started her career in the music industry, and fell in love with online radio and podcasting when she moved to San Francisco working for podcasting platforms. Juliette is the founder of Be Your Change, a media platform about women and social impact. She is active with Women’s Audio Mission..

about the show

Be Your Change Podcast highlights women changemakers’ voices who have a social impact within their community. The show discusses global issues with a solution-oriented approach and provide insights on how we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Juliette talks to social entrepreneurs, non-profit and community leaders, artists and media entrepreneurs who aim to build a more sustainable and inclusive society.

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Upcoming Season 2 Launching Sep 2019

The Podcast was launched in January 2018. Juliette had to pause it due to family matters. The second season is launching September 2019



30 min



Be Your Change releases episodes bi-weekly, on Tuesday



Media, Podcasting, Fair Trade, Artists, Social Impact, Environment, Social Justice

Target Audience

Change Makers, Aspiring Change Makers

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our team

It takes a village to produce an episode and a show. We want to thank Peju Makun and Shuka Kalantari who participated in the first season.

Juliette Roy

Executive Producer, Host, and Co-Writer

Barbara Gorrand


Barbara Fondrieschi


Elisabeth Speno

Creative Director


Inspiring & Good stuff 

“I’ve checked out a few episodes of his podcast and it was an inspiring one to listen to. It opens up your eyes to lot of the ongoing social challenges..and it’s always good to see more movement about women’s empowerment too. Recommended! Mario

It’s High Time “Finally a media company that focuses on women-led businesses that impact social change. I love this podcast and can not wait to hear more” Glowing Mind

featured guests season 2

Elisha Shan

Executive Director, Fair Trade Los Angeles

Founder Elisha C Foundation and Elisha

Haiti in the hands of the haitains

Amrita Thadani

Founder, Neococo

Creating Job For Women’s Refugees

Jeanine Wright

COO, Simplecast

Podcasting For All


Singer-Songwriter, One of the few women who play The Kora

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