I Want To Launch My Own Podcast!

Do you have an idea for a podcast, but are struggling to take the next step? Do you find it hard to carve the time to work on your podcast? Are you intimidated about the technology involved? A bit apprehensive about audio editing? Using your voice? You had a podcast for years but are looking at refining your craft and message?

We Hear You!

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Having your own podcast can be a powerful tool for your personal and business expansion, to share your message and shine your light into this world but it can be extremely overwhelming! The tools, the skills, the recording, the editing, the designs, the message, the authorization, the launch,… It’s enough to get your head spinning but we are here to tell you it looks way harder than it really is and we are here to help you makes sense of everything.

Beyourchange Women Podcast Retreat Is A Unique Opportunity To Acquire All The Skills You Need To Plan, Record & Launch Your Podcast In The Most Efficient Way Possible.

We have brought together industry experts & media gurus to give you ALL OF THEIR TIPS & TRICKS, empowering you to find, refine and launch a podcast that will fully resonate with your audience in no time.

A Learning Process Built Around 3 Fundamental Blocks To Make Creating Your Podcast, Not Only Easy But Impactful

Podcats And Story Telling Retreat

Message & Storytelling

GOAL: Find or refine your purpose, your message, find your voice and make sure it will impact & captivate your audience!

  • Find your key message & purpose, together we will explore WHY it is important for you to have a podcast and WHAT you want to communicate to WHOM.
  • We will go through all the different formats available to identify which one would be best to convey your unique message.
  • We will work on storytelling to ensure you present your information in a compelling way that will resonate with your audience.
  • We will outline the plan of your 6 first episodes to constitute your editorial calendar and give you the perfect blueprint to get things started.

Technique & Skills

GOAL: Running a podcast requires the right techniques, equipment & know- how, we’ll give you the keys to be efficient and ensure your podcast is of the highest quality.

  • We’ll give you all the references of our favourite recording equipments, those that took us years of research, trial & errors to find so you can put together your perfect recording kit.
  • A podcast is first and foremost a voice and narrator, the audio is one of the only way your audience will relate to you which is why it is important to have the proper voice techniques & recoding practices.
  • We will guide you through editing techniques, software and skills, from intro to outro, making sure that your podcast is a reflection of who you are and the message you want to share.
Podcast Techniques And Skills Retreat
Podcast Branding Publishing Launching Skills Retreat

Branding, Publishing & Launching

GOAL: Producing your podcast is not enough, you have to put it out there and make sure it finds its proper audience, this blocks give you the keys to make your podcast shine.

  • Finding your unique branding, an identity that will be yours, express your values and capture the attention of your audience.
  • Tips & tricks on how to title your podcast episodes, write intro paragraphs and show notes.
  • Choosing the right platforms and distribution networks to reach you key audience.
  • Setting your objectives, preparing your promo and pilot episodes, marketing & promotion plan.
  • Planning the official launch.
  • Diversifying revenue streams.

Leave with a step-by-step action plan that will have your podcast up and running in no time.

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A Unique Women
Podcast Retreat With
Exclusive Access To
Podcast Specialists

We know that when you first start your podcast, you have dozens of questions. We know that there is information everywhere and that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start or what is right or wrong. This is why we have built this retreat as a real bootcamp & sprint to give you ALL the tools you need to prepare and launch your podcast. But most importantly, we have built it as an exclusive group with a maximum of 15 participants to ensure you have FULL access to the podcast specialists, can ask ALL of your questions and give you ALL the answer you need to feel confident in launching your podcast. We give you access to real industry experts with years of experience who will be available for you through the entire duration of the retreat.

Podcasting With Juliette Roy
Podcast Retreat Instructor


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Podcast Retreat Instructor


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Join The Podcast Retreat

A Fantastic Opportunity To Connect Back To Yourself, To Find Your Unique Message & Become Part Of A Community Of Like-minded Individual In An Extraordinary Setting.

Launching a podcast is a fabulous and challenging objective. It is is a journey of self-exploration, confidence, and determination that requires a deep sense of connection to yourself and to your purpose. This is why we decided to organize this retreat in a unique wilderness oasis on the border of Mexico & Arizona. The property, owned by Valer Clark, used to be a depleted land and is now a beautiful ranch filled with wildlife, water and art. It is one of the few real-life land restoration experimentation studied by scientists around the world, a safe haven that will transport you far from the hustle of every day life into a magnificent 130,000 acres of private ecological paradise where you’ll reconnect to nature, vision & purpose

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The world needs your voice


of the podcast studios founded in France in the last 3 years are owned by women or have at least one female founder.

– Bello Collective


of the podcast studios founded in France in the last 3 years are owned by women or have at least one female founder.

– Bello Collective

I Want to share my voice with the world

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We Are Also Providing These Amazing Bonuses To Help You Make The Most Of Your Women Podcast Experience

Byc Retreat Bonus 1

BONUS #1 – Full printed material

Because we know that sometimes digital is not enough, you’ll get a full printed version of the material to make notes as we go during the podcast retreat.

Byc Retreat Bonus 2

BONUS #2 – Access to our exclusive Facebook group

Because podcasting is a transformation journey that is much easier when you are supported by a community and because we want to encourage mutual help and accountability, you will gain access to our exclusive Facebook group where all questions, comments and updates are welcome!

Byc Retreat Bonus 3

BONUS #3 – 4 extra weeks of extra special podcast tips directly in your inbox

Because the retreat is the kick starting point of your adventure, we’ll send you a series of accountability check points and additional tips after the retreat to make sure you put your plan in motion!

podcast community scholarship

And If Cost Is An Issue, We Even Managed To Make 2 Scholarships Available!

Because we believe in the necessity for women podcasts to make their voices heard and the necessity to welcome more women in the media landscape, but we also understand that sometimes costs can be an issue, we wanted to offer the possibility for some of our participants to access to scholarships. We partnered with Democracy Lab who shares our most sacred values and believes in the power of innovative technology to empower people to be heard and share their message for social good to offer 2 scholarships to fund your retreat experience.

Apply here!

You Are Not Dreaming, With This Programme, Your Podcast Will Not Only Be An Idea, It Will Be A Reality.

I want to make my podcast a reality!


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All meals and snacks are provided. Please contact us if you have any dietary restrictions prior to coming to the ranch. The ranch is in an isolated location and we want to make sure we have everything to meet your needs.

The ranch is located about two hours away from Tucson airport and 4 1/2hours away from Phoenix airport.

Car rentals and gas costs are the attendee’s responsibility.

Please let us know the time of your arrival on Wednesday as we would like to help organize carpooling to share costs.

Everything you need to get the most of your experience e.g swimsuits, hiking shoes, camera, computer, writing pad, yoga mat, running shoes, a hat.

Lodging: 4 nights accommodation in either twin beds in a shared room or double bed in a single room with private bathroom or shared bathroom

Podcasting workshops led by Ruxandra Guidi and Juliette Roy: 4 days of podcast education and coaching

An Introduction to Ecological Work And A Guided Hike Led By Valer Clark

Homemade Gluten Free Food (12 meals)

A Community Of Female Leaders

Hikes through the property and swimming in the lake

Fun and Supportive environment

Does not include flight transportation costs and transportation costs from to the ranch.

Bedrooms either have twin beds or a double bed. Bathroom is either in the bedroom or just outside the door.

Possibility to share a double bed if desired, please contact us for more information.