Let’s Bring Awareness To Some of The Pressing Issues We are Facing

Get your hard copy of our 22 pages social media calendar to help you raise awareness on social media. Learn interesting facts, celebrate days and months awareness, and discover our favorite podcasts. 

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We Are All Interconnected

All social issues are interconnected. The right to access to water, healthcare, housing and fair paid jobs, the need to build working environment that are designed by everyone for everyone, the global mental health crisis. Guess what? All these issues are systemic issues that can be fixed if we put our heaRT into it. Let’s focus on making the world a better place. 

We are excited to bring you our first issue of Be Your Change Social Media Calendar 2021. We want to help you be aware and bring awareness to these issues. When we know a problem, we can fix it. And every action matters!

November social media awareness