Podcasts. You hear them everywhere. And everybody talks about them. Yep, there’s even an international podcast day – that’s September 30, in case you are wondering. You want another sign that podcasts are trending? Celebrities have their own podcasts, from Shaquille O’Neal to Gwyneth Paltrow. But, as is true with every broadcasting industry, podcasting is widely dominated by men. 

Even though we have a woman to thank for making the podcast a true mainstream media – Sarah Keonig, with Serial – and even though the gender gap is closing when it comes to looking at the listeners (44% of whom are female, according to a 2018 study), the dominant voice on the hosting side is still male. The reason behind this is that more often then none, women feel that podcasts just aren’t for them. A way of saying they don’t feel represented in the podcasting landscape. Or, more to the point, they weren’t. Because now, we women have tools to better engage our audience, thanks to Simplecast, and its very active COO, Jeanine Wright. Throughout all her impressive career, Jeanine has always been very interested in the different ways men and women approach the working culture. And now that she works with podcasters, she is very straightforward: “Here we have this blank slate for us to make sure that we have the voices that we hear in podcasting, reflective of the listeners who are listening to podcasts”  I couldn’t have put it better myself! Come and join me in this enlightening conversation with a very passionate professional.

Why You Should Listen



In this episode, you’ll learn how women tend to approach podcasting monetization differently. We discuss some of the patterns Jeanine Wright has observed in women and what you need to know to ask for your fans to support your show.

What You’ll Learn

  • Although podcasting is experiencing a female boom! it is still a male-dominated world in particular at the top of the tech podcasting industry but hopefully not for long
  • Women and men tend to make their ask for support to their audience in a different way and women should be aware of it
  • Podcasting has now powered a full set of data and you can now have access to some great analytics to get better insights on your content engagement and audience


The Best Quotes Of The Show

This is, is really kind of a brand new medium and we have this beautiful opportunity with this brand new medium not to have the same thing happen that has happened in every other medium where the voice of that medium is dominated by basically white men. Right? And so here we have this, this blank slate for us to make sure that we have the voices that we hear in podcasting, reflective of the listeners who are listening to podcasts.

I don’t know how we ended up here. I definitely feel like the overwhelming majority of the time I’m the only woman in the room. I think in tech in particular, tech tends to be more male.

I think some people get overwhelmed by the prospect of needing to do something big and grandiose. Like, I need to make a difference and I need to feel like I make this difference. And I would just say like, um, slow and steady wins the race, you know, like just find your things, something that resonates with you, find some of these small and do it on a regular basis and make it part of your life. And it’s hard at first. And then you get used to the cadence and then you’ll find that you’re driving so much more energy and joy from it than the effort that it takes to put into it.

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