What is Fair Trade?

In this new season of ‘Be Your Change podcast, we are looking at what is fair trade and what role do we play to accelerate the transformation of our society to a better world. We are talking to many women who are impacting the world with the creation of sustainable and good jobs. From our new hometown in Los Angeles. we are excited to be now based in Los Angeles because of the bourgeoning social change community with an increasing number of female change-makers leading the way.

What You’ll Learn

We are looking at the impact of our purchase on people’s life. Did you know that 85% of the household budget is spent by women? It tells you how much power we hold ladies to change the world.

what is fair trade

The Impact of Women On Building A Sustainable and Equitable World

In this episode, we are talking to Elisha Chan, the executive director of Fair Trade a Los Angeles, a non-profit that helps to spread the word about the impact of buying fair trade products. Companies and non-profits who are certified Fair Trade have to follow strict guidelines like no child labor. Many of our day to day products like coffee and chocolate use child labor.

More than 700 million people—half of them children—live on less than $1.90 a day.

What is Fair Trade?

In this fascinating interview, you’ll learn about Elisha’s journey to becoming an advocate to end poverty through job creation and how fair trade crossed her path. For a girl who came from China to the United States at the age of 8 years-old because her mom decided she would have a better education overseas, her dedication inspires many of her peers. This year, Elisha has big goals..to achieve


Make Los Angeles The Biggest Fair Trade City In The U.S

Chicago is currently the largest fair trade city in the United States, but the fair trade community wants to change that and make Los Angeles the largest fair trade city in the United States.

Elisha C Foundation

Elisha started going to Haiti, as a student for UCLA in 2009. Over the last 10 years, she has been more than 30 times, to Haiti. In 2011, she decided to create Elisha C foundation to support Haitians because she found her call to alleviate poverty and bring economic stability to nations in need.

  • 80% of the population live under the poverty line (<$2/Day)
  • 50% of the kids do not attend school
  • 40.6% of the population is unemployed

“I really see that with what I’m doing is raising up these Haitian people to ultimately, you know change the future of Haiti”

Over the years, Elisha C foundation has contributed to sending more than 75 kids to school.

  • Elishac.com was born to create jobs to end poverty in Haiti.

The Best Quotes From The Show

“You can actually bring out social justice by the way, you spend your money and that is what fair trade is about”

Elisha Chan


Interested in joining the Fair Trade movement, find a fair trade organization near you and get involved. Fair trade community is welcoming and fun. 

Interested in Supporting Fair Trade Companies? here is our selection of companies created by women.

  • Elishac.com: Beautiful products made in Haiti and now Syria
  • Thousand Villages: It all started with Edna Ruth Byler who was selling textiles from the trunk of her car. “I’m just a woman trying to help other women”
  • Serrv: Serrv International is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting global poverty through fair and ethical trade.
  • Tonlé: At tonlé, we see fashion differently – from the way it’s made to the way it’s worn.
  • Kishe Coffee: Woman-Grown Medium Roast Coffee from Guatemala.
  • Global Girlfriend:
  • The Tote Project: Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez founded The Tote Project because they believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of modern-day slavery worldwide, and they want to do their part to support recovering survivors pursuing their dreams.
  • Plus Fair Trade Products Supporting Women

What is Fair Trade? Go Deeper

Learn more about becoming a fair trade advocate and happy consumer and vote with your wallet.

  • Watch Documentaries
  • Read Books
  • Speak Up
    • Ask your local coffee store or supermarket if they carry fair trade products.
    • Pay attention to Fair Trade logo on products you buy e.g coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate

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