Women Empowerment

For a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.



Women  Are Leading Social Changes

But Still A Long Way To Achieving Gender Equity



In January 2021, women’s labor force participation rate hit a 33-year low.

In December 2020, 154,000 Black women left the labor force*

*the largest one-month drop among that cohort since the beginning of the pandemic. 

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women in media

What would the world look like if women were ruling the media? Likely a less divided society.

We use empathy as a tool of resistance to amplify women and their global impact to support an inclusive society and an healthier media ecosystem.

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Only 10% of the Top 200 Apple Podcast Charts are Women. Bello Collective



As of 2020, only 21% of top-charting podcasts are led by female and non-binary hosts. Despite the fact that podcasting remains a “boy’s club,” Edison Research confirms that women listen to more podcasts per week than men.


Women own less than 7.6% of broadcast and TV networks in the U.S, and 15 (white) male billionaires own the news network. Women’s Media Center



Women media moguls focus on positive messages (think Oprah, Arianna Huffington – Thrive, and Michelle Obama).


The Impact Of Women


On average, women invest 70% of their earnings back to their communities


the reality of women worldwide

Women and girls collect 80% of the water needed in households without access to water


Women own less
than 20% of the world’s land.



Women are in charge
of 85% of the household budget




Women do not own a bank account.



Investment alone in women and under-represented founders would add 4 trillion dollars of value into the economy.



Closing the Black women’s earning gap would add $300 billion to US GDP per year.



men still write 94% of top-selling business books?



violence against women

1.7 B

women have experienced physical or sexual violence.



an average of 11 women are killed each day in Mexico.




over 40 million people are trafficked around the world. 71% are female. 



women & Mental health


more likely to have an anxiety disorder than men. 




more likely to have depression than men.



women worldwide 

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women & Food


Rural women often represent approximately two thirds of the 400 million poor livestock keepers.





It is estimated that 60 percent of the world’s chronically hungry people are women and girls.





women and girls are twice as likely to suffer from malnutrition as men and boys, due to a combination of biological, social and cultural reasons.