In this episode, you’ll learn how social therapy grew out of a movement for social change.

What You’ll Learn

Social therapy is a group-oriented model that looks at patients as social performers, people capable of being change-makers. I am talking to Joyce Dattner, a leader in the social therapy community. She explains how practitioners of this therapy relate to the group, not the individual.

The best quotes of the show

We need something to belong to where we feel like the thing that we belong to make a difference in the world.

We all experience our problems individually; we experience them as ours. But I think the cure is social. And what I mean by that is the cure for our individual isolated experiences of life which are often painful, the cure is creating relationships, creating environments creating new ways of speaking about ourselves, our life experiences and out of that emerges through new possibilities. And you don’t know in advance what they are.

I think that as we create environments where we come together, we shape life together, we individually grow and experience new possibilities. And I think however that we are social performers even though we experience our pain individually.

What to remember

  • Social therapy is about bringing collective intelligence and life experiences to support an individual to understand its emotions and grow out of it.
  • Changing how we see ourselves as we learn to understand better who we are and get closer to our emotions is the best gift we can give to impact the world. By supporting ourselves, we’re helping each other, as we participate in building a society based on social-emotional developed human being.



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Credit Photo Chris Lawton