Benjamin Evans is the Airbnb design lead to the anti-discrimination team.

You’ll learn how Benjamin landed his job at Airbnb and how his work supports his desire to create more inclusive tech platforms.  

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Juliette Roy: Why is Airbnb behind Tech inclusion conference in San Francisco, and why do they want to be a sponsor?

We’re surrounded by people who believe as we believe that inclusion and diversity of thought is really the way that we create meaningful change in the world and so we just had to be here.

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I hope that more people realize just how much of a benefit. This is like it. It feels like it’s almost as silly debate  to keep having with tech companies at large, but this recognition that you know when you have a team that is built of people who? You know me look the same will think the same will act the same more you’re actually blind siding yourself to all of the wonderful opportunities that there are and there is so many undiscovered and untapped markets and problems to solve for people who don’t fit a very specific worldview.
if we can open up that worldview. There are just opportunities abound and so I really hope in the next year we get to the point. Where people just universally understand that this diversity inclusion is just a
strength. It’s an asset to have at the table.

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