In this episode of Tech Inclusion, I talk to  Steve Huffman, the co-founder, and CEO of Reddit. He shares with us why he thinks diversity and inclusion is core to Reddit’s success.

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We’re here today basically because diversity and inclusion are important to Reddit both the platform and the company. This is actually our second year here, so we’ve been working with Change Catalyst now for over a year on a variety of initiatives internally at the company, and then we come here to share those initiatives with others and also to hopefully do a little recruiting on the site as well.

Juliette Roy: Do you want to talk a little bit about this initiative that you started with Change Catalyst?

Steve Huffman: At a very high level, It’s making diversity and inclusion a top-line goal for the company and something that every person on the executive team and really at the company are responsible for and so when this kind of turns down into like the tactics of what we’re actually doing. This means our recruiting teams. How do we source our interview teams? How do we interview training for manager training? Harassment training? Interviews training? and then in people, we partner with like Hack Bright which is an Engineering Organization for Women here in San Francisco or the ADL where we are joining one of their advisory boards, so it’s kind of a variety of things that come out of this, but at a very high level. It’s really just making D&I a priority.


Juliette Roy: What would you say to someone who wants to join Reddit it today? Why should they come and work for you?

Steve Huffman: I mean you should work at Reddit for I mean a variety of reasons you get to work on a product that touches the world. That has a positive impact on hundreds of millions of people’s lives. Hopefully billions of people it’s a very fun place to work. The culture of the company is very similar to the culture of our platform, which is kind of fun friendly and quirky, and I think that’s really important and as for diversity itself we’re getting I think better and better in terms of women and races and other underrepresented minorities.

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