In today’s digital age, there’s no shortage of resources to learn how to make a podcast. So, isn’t it weird that you still feel like you have no real support?

I’m Juliette Roy, founder of Be Your Change and the original Be Your Change podcast. When I started podcasting, I was completely overwhelmed with training options. I had to sift through endless options — never knowing which ones I could actually trust. I ended up sitting through countless tutorials and podcast classes that never even gave me the answers I needed. All I wanted was someone to turn to. Someone in my corner to help me figure out exactly what I needed and to answer my questions along the way — without judgment.
I craved the help of a one-on-one podcast coach. But at the time, they were nowhere to be found.

That’s why, after years of podcasting, I’ve decided to become one myself. With the help of my amazing multilingual podcasting team, we’re filling that hole.
From struggling my way through podcast classes to maintaining a podcast with thousand of monthly listeners, I want to help you achieve the same success — without the headache. I want to simplify your podcasting journey because I wish someone did the same for me.

Our podcast coaching service is a one-stop-shop for all the things you need to get your voice out there into the world — where it can make the biggest, lasting impact.

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We’ve been there

You’re thinking of launching your podcast to further the reach of your social impact. You’ve been thinking about your own podcast for weeks, months, even years — brainstorming topics, shopping for equipment, researching software. But you know your podcast will remain a dream unless you find the perfect resource to guide you, inspire you, and motivate you.

At this point, all the resources you’ve found online are completely overwhelming, and none of them feel quite right. After all this time, you still…

  • Hate the sound of your own voice.
  • Feel like your podcast will never be “perfect” enough to launch.
  • Think you’re not tech-savvy enough to learn how to launch a podcast.
  • Think the idea of starting your podcast is too big of a project.

We’ve been there, and that’s exactly why we’re here to help you through it.


What makes our podcast coaching different from the rest?

We take the time to understand your values, mission, and goals. We break down the overwhelming “too-big” project of podcasting into small, actionable pieces. Then, we craft a customized plan to get your podcast up and running — and into the ears of your ideal listeners.

So, what does the process look like?

  • We offer coaching services in your primary language. Collectively, our team is fluent in X languages.
  • We take the time to identify your values, mission, and overall brand message (because we actually care about it).
  • We teach you how and where to start recording.
  • We offer personalized voice coaching.
  • We teach you how to utilize podcast production software.
  • We go over the basics of branding with Juliette’s knowledge from 20+ years of brand development and marketing experience.
  • We filter out any unnecessary information and answer all of your specific questions along the way.

Best of all, we do this in your primary language — because we know women changemakers come from all over the world.

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Do you already have a podcast that you want to improve?

Is your podcast already out in the world, but you’re still left wondering how on earth women “make it” with podcasting?

When you think about your favorite women podcasters

  • Are you blown away by her branding, visuals, and website?
  • Do you wonder how her episodes always sound so professional?
  • Are you impressed by the top-notch guests she hosts?
  • Are you curious how her podcast ranks so high on Google and streaming platforms?
  • Do you wonder how her podcast was featured in several media outlets?
  • Do you doubt that you’ll ever reach her level of confidence or popularity?

We can help you identify areas of improvement and re-energize your podcast, so you can achieve the same success as your podcast idol.

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We’re Paying It Forward, So You Can Too

Our experienced multilingual podcasting team can save you a lot of time, energy, and headaches. We’re passionate about empowering women in media, so we’d rather teach you how to make a podcast than simply produce your podcast ourselves.

Once you know the way, you can teach it to others, and that’s where real impact happens. The more women out there amplifying their social impact messages, the faster we move the world and the media space in a positive direction. 


You are the Best

You are the best, thank you for making it happen. Can’t wait to apply what I learned to my work.

I never thought I would conquer my fear in the ways I have here!

I feel ready to take on podcast

I never thought I could. I gain a lot more confidence in myself

Connecting  Women Changemakers Around the World

When you sign up for our podcast coaching, you also gain access to a network of women changemakers around the world. In this business of social impact, we’re all about supporting each other and sharing resources that help us all amplify our voices and advance our missions.

Not only can we help you conquer podcasting, but we can also help you realize that podcasting is just the beginning. There’s an entirely new world waiting to hear your voice, and we can help you feel confident navigating it.

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