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There are many many many many resources available to learn podcasting. If you have time, you can learn it. When I started I wished podcast coaching was a thing. It was not. I had to sit through endless tutorials and classes where often I knew 30% of what was said and could not exactly get the answer I needed. 

I just wanted to talk to someone to help me figure out what I needed and ask all the questions in the world. I was longing for podcast coaching or access to a small group where I could receive genuine feedback. This is one of the reasons we created be your change podcast coaching retreat to bring together women in a small environment to provide them with all the resources they needed.

With Covid-19, we had to pause our podcasting retreat, we are now offering podcast coaching to help you with everything you need and make sure you can start quickly on the right foot or simply improve your craft and impact. 

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We have been there

You are thinking of launching your podcast to promote your impact, your brand, and your voice. You have been thinking about your podcast for weeks, months, perhaps years. You have taken a look at all the resources online AND just feel OVERWHELMED. You don’t like the sound of your voice (no-one does), you don’t have the technical skills, you want your podcast to be perfect before you launch. We feel you, we have been there, that’s why we are here to get you started. Don’t look further and book a session with a podcast coach.

Have you ever wonder how on earth women made podcasting a success?

  • All their branding, and visuals assets are just stunning
  • The production of their podcast sounds SO professional
  • Top notch guests are on their shows
  • They have a beautiful and slick website
  • Their podcast ranked high in Google Search
  • They are in the media
  • They definitely have it together
  • They are so confident
Juliette Roy Be Your Change

If you feel learn to podcast might be too big of a project, you are not alone. We have met and talked with many women who are in the same situation until they got the help they needed. Podcasting is often only the beginning of venturing into a new world where you put your voice forward.

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Our experienced multilingual podcasting team can save you a lot of time and headaches

We rather have you learn to podcast than hire us to produce a podcast for you. Because once you are trained, you might teach others! And the more women are out there amplifying their social impact, the faster we move the world and the media space in a positive direction.


I never thought I would conquer my fear in the ways I have here!

Connect women to resources to advance their mission

An add-on to our podcast coaching session is that you also can have access to a network of women changemakers to support each other.

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