kendal sweatshirt - navy & grey
kendal sweatshirt – navy & grey – People who work on this product: Vanna, Voleak, Navy Modeled by: Tola

How often do you know who are the person who has actually worked on your garments? With Tonlé, not only they share with you the firstname of the people who work on your sweater but also who is the model. Tonlé is looking at changing the face of the fashion industry by building a brand where every steps matter. They scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers.Their fabrics are dyed naturally- with non-toxic, inert natural dyes. Using every last thread, they create handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers. With their family of employees, they’ve built a supportive environment where everyone expresses themselves freely, learns new skills, and gains confidence in what they do.

They believe style is more than what you wear – it’s what you choose to be a part of. When you buy tonlé, you’re buying one-of-a-kind clothes that carry meaning across cultures and continents.

tonlé. Every thread matters and at Be Your Change we love it!