One way we can help transform the world is to buy fair trade and consciously-made products produced by women. We can favor companies with women founders and companies that support women empowerment. Not a big change for us consumers but a massive shift in women’s lives and their community.

Why should you buy women fair trade products?

Based on research published in Forbes, women reinvest up to 90% of their income back into their families and communities.

70% of individuals living in poverty are women.

Buying fair trade products has an important impact on lifting women out of poverty.

We have selected fair trade products and companies we love. Happy shopping!

Breaking the poverty cycle with women Fair Trade led companies.

1. Elisha C: Haiti in the hands of Haitian

Every purchase on provides artisans with job security and helps to end poverty in Haiti. Additionally, you can make a donation to, the non-profit leg of Elisha C. The foundation sends underprivileged children to school and college. Learn more about Elisha C inspiring story and listen to Be Your Change podcast episode 7 here where we talk to the founder Elisha Chan.

2. Neococo: Creating job opportunities for women refugees.

You will definitely adore the selection of sweatshirts this online shop has to offer. They’re perfect for your Instagram pictures (hashtag #SweaterWeather). Aside from its fashionable look, NeoCoco is a mission-driven apparel company that creates jobs for women refugees and displaced women. Buying their featured products helps them regain their identity and restart their lives.

3. Serrv: fair trade certified – securing fair wages and safe working conditions for artisans and farmers.

70 years ago, this nonprofit has made it a priority to ensure that artisans and farmers living in poverty are treated with respect and dignity, and paid fairly for their work. Their handmade products are environmentally-friendly and designed to support optical care to thousands of artisans around the world who are suffering from vision loss. 

4. The Little Market – Build a brighter future for artisans

Their collection of fair trade goods is made by artisans in need, including refugees, people with disabilities, women transitioning out of homelessness, and survivors of trafficking and domestic violence.

5. Dressember: A world without slavery

Dressember has a unique mission to help end human trafficking. For example, wear a dress or a tie, every day for a month in December and become an active participant in this wonderful campaign.

6. GALLANT INTERNATIONAL INC“>Terra Thread – a fair trade line of premium bags

The Terra Thread Earth Motivated Collection is a line of premium bags made using family grown Organic Cotton and fair labor practices. Every aspect of Terra Thread was created with the earth and its people at the forefront.

7. In Need of fair trade products for your company? Gallant International: Organic Cotton And Fair Trade Products organically grow and ethically Made.

If you are looking for fair trade organic products to resell don’t search further. Gallant International is a premier Fair Trade certified supplier of 100% organic cotton promotional and retail products. Their extensive range of products includes shopping bags, yoga bags, cosmetic pouches, backpacks, kitchen linens, t-shirts and much more! We love Gallant and appreciate its focus on organic and pesticide-free products.

8. Kate Spade – On Purpose

on purpose is Kate Spade’s social enterprise initiative. Their mission is to use our on purpose supply chain to empower women and girls to be the heroines of their own stories.

we believe that all women are the heroines of their own
stories, and that empowered women can transform the world.

9. SoulSpace USA

In need of cozy fair trade yoga gears and pants, Soul Space USA is like a dream comes true. All their products are made of organic cotton and chemical-free sustainable fabrics.

10. Vava Coffee – a fair trade coffee social enterprise supporting women to acquire land

In 2009 Vava Angwenyi made the singular decision to create real change in the Kenyan Coffee industry. Between the challenges of poverty, corruption and fear, she saw smiles. As a result, she saw smallholder coffee farmers that wanted to change their lives but could not get their voices heard. Listen to our interview with Vava here

Vava coffee

11. Indego Africa: support the integrity of artisan-made goods and create opportunities for women who make them

Indego Africa focuses on providing local and raw materials that are of high quality and durable. Everything is carefully handcrafted. The artisans use natural resources such as sweetgrass, palm leaf, bolga straw, and banana leaf.

12. RefuShe, a Community for Refugee Girls, by Refugee Girls.

RefuShe helps young refugee women to heal, grow and become the best version of themselves.

Women are the hope of society – they are tough and unbreakable.

Women are vulnerable at times but once each storm passes, they come out stronger and more mature.

13. Islenas provide opportunities to women with diverse background in Porto Rico

Islenas’stylish espadrilles are made and crafted in Puerto Rico with love. The shop partners with sustainability platform Retazo and non-profit Centro Sor Isolina Ferre to design and implement a training and manufacturing program to provide opportunities to women.

14. AKS Sneakers, a positive impact at every level of production

AKS Sneakers helps women living in Pakistan with a great line of fair trade, vegan and organic cotton sneakers AKS Sneakers produce limited editions of sustainable comfortable sneakers that are affordable and fashionable. Every piece is made with love. Designed in San Francisco, the materials are organic and natural. It helps their artisan not to get armed by chemicals and help their health and the environment.

15. The Tote Project Ending Human Trafficking

The Tote Project’s mission is to help end human slavery. Every time you buy a tote, you help empower six survivors of sex trafficking to pursue their dream job. Spread love and positivity and consider checking out their beautifully crafted bags. Together, let’s help raise awareness about human trafficking.

16. Carry the Future provide critical aid to refugee families in Greece, Jordan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, the US and Mexico

Children should always be a priority and be cared for. Carry the Future partner with trusted organizations to fund projects to improve the children's and families’ quality of life. They provide critical aid including clean diapers, baby beds, newborn supplies, hygiene kits, and more.

17. Made with a Purpose provides stable jobs to women

Created by Reshma Thakkar, each purchase on Made With A Purpose helps women from India to unlock their full potential with a stable job. When you empower a woman, you empower a community and help her to educate girls and eliminate child marriage…This Texas-based company opens women’s eyes to a broader world view and explore opportunities they may have never known possible. Empowering women from India with ongoing support,

India’s women are her greatest asset.

18. Tonlé: it only takes a woman

Tonle’s founder Rachel moved to Cambodia in 2008 with funding from a Fulbright grant to research sustainable and fair trade textiles. After working with several artisans groups to learn about best practices and opportunities, she quickly realized there was a gap in market for affordable, sustainable and ethical fashion. Then Tonlé was born! Tonlé is a circular ethical brand upcycling fabrics and highly conscious of the impact on the environment.

Let’s support one another. Become an advocate online or in real-time and make a positive impact on our world.