Voice Coaching Can Help You Produce a World-Class Podcast

Are you a podcast host? Are you using your voice for work? Learn how to train your voice and find your authentic podcast voice to improve the quality of your show & your public speaking skills.

podcast voice coach

Voicing is a mind-body skill that requires specialized control and physical awareness. We often take our voices for granted and tracking is can be undervalued because it seems “easy.”


About the coach

A classically trained actor, Emily has been working on honing her voice’s quality and adaptability for the last 14 years. Through professional acting training for both stage and screen, she has done thousands of hours of voice and breathwork, including a Linklater method specialty. She has also earned a BFA in Acting, completed intensive Shakespeare Performance training, and attended countless voice training workshops and classes. You can read more here

Hands-On Voice Training Workshop

90 minutes workshop plus 30 min Q&A


In a 90 minute workshop, Emily Elmore will walk you through the basics of how your voice works and how to sound like your most authentic self on the mic. We’ll start with a comprehensive breakdown of the anatomy of your voice, work through a warm-up together, and then discuss best practices for breaking down text. 

In this workshop, you will learn how:

  • Your voice functions within your body

  • To manage the feedback you receive on your voice (and whether it is useful or not)

  • To expand your vocal range to find authenticity 

  • To get over your self-doubt and have fun in your work!

Learn how to love your voice!