In this episode, you will learn about Anna Lecat and Melanie Viallon, co-founders of Les Lunes, an eco-friendly company that started in San Francisco.

Les Lunes: an eco friendly company

I’m talking with Anna about why Les Lunes:

  • Puts the consumer first.
  • Makes sure their workers are happy and proud of belonging to the Lunes’ company.
  • Uses bamboos, an eco-friendly weed that does not require much water and care but is also incredibly soft and comfortable fabric. 
  • Makes sure people understand that when we talk about cheap products made in China, China is not the problem.

The best quotes of the show

I would invite all of us to think before we buy and make sure we need something first

Companies like Wal-Mart, they end up to be one of the major buyers of products in China, they started dictating the pricing for the factories. Most of the time, they ask for such a low price that it doesn’t give enough margin for a Chinese factories to survive. They cannot really pay their workers decent wages. They did not have any money to put in the environment protection.

Our fabrics are environmentally friendly because all the products made in Les Lunes are sourced out of bamboo, and Bamboo by itself is great for the environment because bamboo is a weed. It grows by itself, it does not need the pesticides or much help. That doesn’t deplete soil and it emits four times more oxygen than regular trees.

What to remember

We all have a responsibility to rethink how we consume. Looking for eco friendly company when we purchase new products is a one of the critical actions we can take at changing the world. The best would be to upcycle or reuse products rather than buying new ones.

Each purchase we make has an impact on the environment, on workers, on people’s life. We hold an incredible power to choose carefully how we spent our money because that’s where the power lies to change the world. Specifically knowing that Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. So we have to get more educated about buying the right product to support our planet and our society.

Believe me, once you’ll try Les Lunes’ garments, there is no way back. Enjoy a 15% discount off your purchase on Les Lunes website with the promo code Beyourchange15.

The latest eco-friendly company brands we love

To celebrate the movement of the people who want their planet, and power back, let’s start by giving a big high five to companies and products we support. We have chosen to highlight these brands because they are small, environmentally conscious and run by wonderful women.

Educate Yourself

Let’s start 2018 by continuing to educate ourselves on what to buy, you can start by downloading the Good on you app and check if the brands you are purchasing from are eco-friendly.

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Brands making good

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Maison Méditérranée: We absolutely recommend their apricot oil for the face. Since I started using it, I threw away all my other organic day and night cream. I am not kidding. I love that shit! You can refill it if you are in France.  

Fillgood: You can listen to the episode with Stephanie Regni here. FillGood is a skincare and homecare refill company that started in San Francisco.

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Servv is a fairtrade nonprofit that works with artisans from around the world.

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Photo Credit Les Lunes: Antoine Pezot