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Be Your Change podcast amplifies the voices of women changemakers who are building a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive world, one episode at a time.

Juliette Roy takes you on a journey across the globe to understand the solutions women are creating to impact the world.

Learn about a wide range of topics – zero waste, eco-fashion, impact investing, fair trade, or podcasting – to understand how we can all have an impact on creating the world we want to live in.


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Podcasting With Juliette Roy

About the host – Juliette Roy

Discover how much power you hold in changing the world. Become part of the solution and take small actions to make a difference… one episode at a time.

Based in LA, Juliette’s career has legged across many industries, many cultures & many countries. From Africa, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Europe, China, the US and Brazil, she has produced events and projects across more than 15 countries, always advocating for diversity and inclusion. Her hope is for the podcasts to help people discover how much power they hold in changing the world. She wants to inspire them to be part of the solution and take small actions to make a difference… one episode at a time.

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