Welcome to the Be Your Change community. If you’re looking for opportunities to find your voice, enhance your technical skills, or develop as a storyteller, you are in the right place. We are dedicated to collaborating with some of the most innovative and unique podcasting pro’s who offer helpful workshops with BYC. Sign up for one of our latest offerings or our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events.

Upcoming podcast Workshops

Voice Training Workshop

Hands-On Voice Training Workshop

90 minutes workshop plus 30 min Q&A


In this workshop, Emily Elmore will walk you through the basics of how your voice works and how to sound like your most authentic self on the mic. We’ll start with a comprehensive breakdown of the anatomy of your voice, work through a warm-up together, and then discuss best practices for breaking down text.

In this workshop, you will learn how:

  • Your voice functions within your body
  • To manage the feedback you receive on your voice (and whether it is useful or not)
  • To expand your vocal range to find authenticity T
  • To get over your self-doubt and have fun in your work! Learn how to love your voice!

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Where to start

Audio Editing

Technical Training

A large part of producing a podcast is to make it sounds good. Audio editing can feel a bit daunting. We got you covered. We have a selection of workshops for you to learn at your own pace.

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Podcast Workshop

Sometimes, we just need a little push to brush our podcasting skills. Interested in getting to master your voice? Want to improve your audio skills? Learn about developing your story? We have something for you!

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podcast coaching

Podcast Coaching

Get your podcast off the ground with a one-on-one session to guide you on best podcast practices, strategy, branding and much more.

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Podcast Retreat

Before the world went into lock-down, we organized a magical podcast retreat on an ecological jewel: four full-day intensive training with top-notch teachers, great homemade food, and amazing hikes. It was much more than podcasting. It was about sisterhood, community, and being heard. It was about meeting women from around the world with different backgrounds and perspectives. It was about the power of community. We can not wait for the next one in March 2022.

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Podcasting resources

Podcast free Resources

Interested in learning to podcast, we have curated for you a list of useful tools and resources to get your started.