Be Your Change Podcast highlights women changemakers’ voices who have a social impact within their community.

The show discusses global issues with a solution-oriented approach and provide insights on how we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Juliette talks to social entrepreneurs, non-profit and community leaders, artists and media entrepreneurs who aim to build a more sustainable and inclusive society.

What a gorgeous and inspiring show!!
★★★★★  from Austria 10/22/2019

i’m in love!! this podcast is exactly what i’ve been looking for and what i missed when i first started my own podcast. so happy to hear from all these inspiring female changemakers. amazing guests,a wonderful host and so much food for thought for my own journey. such a well produced and curated show, goes right on top of my list!!


Inspiring & Good!!
★★★★★  from Mario 4/22/2019

I’ve checked out a few episodes of this podcast and it was an inspiring one to listen to. It opens up your eyes a lot of the ongoing social challenges..and it’s always good to see more movement about women’s empowerment too. Recommended!


Episode 7: Ending Poverty With The Help Of Fair Trade Jobs

Episode 7: Ending Poverty With The Help Of Fair Trade Jobs

I believe we’re all called to serve in a certain capacity in a certain Arena and if we all do what our hearts are telling us to do we had can you imagine the difference we could all make as a community as a whole so I just encourage you guys to just start somewhere.